Shavemac offers the best gear for your daily shaving ritual. Shavemac works exclusively with the highest quality materials and uses raw materials such as wood and badger hair with the utmost care. Shavemac also has a passion for detail and has a desire to manufacture products with perfect craftsmanship so that you can enjoy your shaving gear for many years to come.

Shavemac is known as the manufacturer of some of the world's best shaving brushes. All brushes are handmade and of the highest quality.

We have put together a wide assortment so there is something for every taste and purse.
The brushes are available in three qualities: Pure Badger, Finest Badger, and Silver Tip Badger. All Shavemac brushes are available in sizes 23, 26, and 30mm (knot size).

Proshave is the exclusive distributor of Shavemac in Denmark.