Safety Razors with long handle / large razors

Here on the site we have gathered our selection of DE-Scrapers, which is slightly larger than the regular editions. In other words, the scrapers have a longer and / or wider grip compared to the original versions.

The scrapers in this category give a really good grip to men with big hands. Perfect for the ambitious lawmaker who wants a traditional shave with classic DE-Barber blades.
Mühle R41 Grande Safety Razor, Open Comb
Handle in Chrome. Large Safety Razor with open comb. Good for long stubbles.
Mühle R41 Grande DE-skraber, Open Comb, Stainless Steel
Handle in Stainless Steel. Large Safety Razor with open comb.
Wilkinson Sword Premium Safety Razor, Long
Safety Razor with butterfly opening. Long handle.
Merkur 23C Safety Razor, Long
A Double Edge scraper with a longer handle in steel.
Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor, Long
Adjustable DE scraper with long grip.
Merkur 25C Safety Razor, Open Comb, Long
Scraper with open comb and long grip.
Merkur 24C Safety Razor, Long
Long grip DE scraper (12 cm.)