RAZspa is a Danish brand developed by Rasmus Bjørn Andersen. RAZspa produces products for the conscious and discerning consumer with the most delicious textures, heavenly discreet Nordic scents, extremely impressive effects, all in beautiful and simple design.

All products are natural and predominantly both organic and Fair Trade. All production takes place in Denmark, and the formulas are based on knowledge dating back to the Viking Age, combined with new professionalism and Raz 'own overwhelming knowledge of especially Nordic plants and herbs and their working methods. Raz calls it a PURE conscience.

It was the lack of pure, organic products without mineral oils, synthetic perfumes and unnecessary additives that aroused Raz 'interest in making products for his spa in Copenhagen.

In the training in Ayurvedic medicine, an important lesson was: ‘Do not put anything on the skin that you would not put in your mouth’, your blood circulation makes sure it gets around to all the organs of the body. All the ingredients are therefore completely pure and natural.
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