RAZspa is a Danish brand developed by Rasmus Bjørn Andersen. RAZspa manufactures products for the conscious and discerning consumer with the most luxurious textures, heavenly, discreet Nordic scents, and extremely impressive effects, all in a beautiful and simple design.

All products are natural and predominantly both organic and Fair Trade. All production takes place in Denmark, and the formulas are based on knowledge dating back to the Viking Age, combined with new professionalism and Raz 'own impressive knowledge of especially Nordic plants and herbs and their effects. Raz calls it a PURE conscience.

It was the lack of pure, organic products without mineral oils, synthetic perfumes, and unnecessary additives that sparked Raz 'interest in making products for his spa in Copenhagen.

In the training in Ayurvedic medicine, an important lesson was: ‘Do not put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth’, your blood circulation makes sure it gets around to all the organs of your body. Therefore, all the ingredients are completely pure and natural.
RAZspa Cleansing Mask, 200 gr.
Effective and gentle cleansing mask / face cleanser.
RAZspa Orange Face Peel, 200 gr.
Removes dead skin cells, cleanses and smoothes / tightens.
RAZspa Coffee Face Peel, 200 gr.
Extremely effective face peel that cleanses the skin in depth.
RAZspa Repair, 100 ml.
Fantastic repairing product for both face and body.
RAZspa Repair, 15 ml.
Fantastic repairing product for both face and body.
RAZspa RH Rosehip 100%, 30 ml.
Facial oil. Improves skin structure, moisturizes and rebuilds.
RAZspa Hh Hyaluron, 30 ml.
Ultimate anti-aging serum. Very effective!
RAZspa E Vitamin 100%, 30 ml.
100% pure natural vitamin E. Very healing. Good for scars and sensitive skin.
RAZspa MdH Serum, 30 ml.
Matte, inhibits inflammation and reduces sebum production.
RAZspa A-Retinoid 5%, 30  ml.
Vitamin A. Stimulates the formation of collagen. Good for lines and acne.
RAZspa Lavender Scrub, 200 gr.
Gentle and soothing scrub for the body. Soothes and strengthens the skin.
RAZspa Mint Scrub, 200 gr.
Effective and stimulating scrub for the body. Deep cleanses the skin.
RAZspa Hc Hand Cream, 75 ml.
Rich and nourishing hand cream with apple and chamomile.
RAZspa Hand & Body Wash, 500 ml.
Gentle with effective bodywash. Cleanses and rebuilds the skin.
RAZspa Hand & Body Lotion, 500 ml.
Rich and creamy lotion that will leave the skin soft and deeply nourished.
RAZspa Shampoo, 500 ml.
Mild but effective shampoo. Increases the strength and structure of the hair.
RAZspa Conditioner, 500 ml.
Effective conditioner. Increases the strength and structure of the hair.
RAZspa Moist Booster Set
Box with 4 of the best selling products from RAZspa.
RazSpa Face Cream SPF 30, Calm, 50 ml.
A soothing and protective face cream. For normal/sensitive skin.
RazSpa Face Cream SPF 30, Rich, 50 ml.
Rich and protective face cream. For normal / dry skin.
RAZspa Ai Anti Irritation, 300 ml.
Targeted irritated and problematic skin. Relieves itching.
RAZspa Gift Set, Perfect Night
Gift box with serum and repair ointment.