RAZspa Ai Anti Irritation, 500 ml.

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Anti Irritation is targeted at irritated and problematic skin, but has a very wide range of benefits and uses.

The salt baths of the Vikings had a concentration of active ingredients that we know from the Dead Sea - and the ancient monks made effective treatments with arrow extracts from purple arrow.

It is precisely these amazing effects that RAZspa wants to recreate with this Ai Anti Irritation product.

It is by no means new, it is just forgotten knowledge on new bottles.

The solution of Saltsydelage and Purpurpil is targeted at irritated problematic skin and for relief by e.g. eczema and the like. For dry, scaly and very irritated skin, it softens the scaly and dry flakes. At the same time has a soothing effect on itching and is wound-healing.

All minerals work together to improve the metabolic processes, thereby ensuring that the skin's normal functions are maintained and that it retains its healthy, radiant appearance. Irritations and bacteria both coming from inside and outside are fought so that only the skin's protective bacterial flora is retained.

The need for ascorbic acid, usually called vitamin C, is increased by physical stress, homon disturbance, pollution, disease, tobacco smoking and more. Along with iron, vitamin C is needed for the formation of the 20 amino acids the body uses to build protein and collagen. Lack of collagen causes the smallest blood vessels to become brittle, the skin thinner, fragile and wounds to heal poorly. Minerals and vitamins penetrate the skin and contribute to the normalization of collagen production. In addition, it helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress - for example, exposure to the sun's photo-aging UV rays, smoking, pollution, homon interference, eczema, bacterial attacks and more. A normal functioning skin is able to retain moisture.

Used as follows:
- For dry and scaly skin: Apply Ai undiluted directly to the skin with a cotton ball. After 30 minutes, rinse with clean water. The treatment is repeated 1-2 times daily for 14 days or as needed.
- For regular acne cleansing: Use Ai as a tonic after regular morning and evening cleansing, after which you treat the skin as normal.
- Eczema: Treated by applying the liquid with a cotton ball, depending on the place and attack, it is used from 1 to 3 times daily.
- Hands and feet can be wrapped in cotton gloves or socks made wet by Ai Anti Irritation.
- Irritated scalp or psoriasis: Can be used on the scalp after washing hair. Let sit while bathing the rest of the body. Wash again with your regular shampoo.

Also available in a 500 ml. edition.
500 ml.
Aqua, Magnesium Sulfate Ekstrakt, Salixin Purpur 400% ekstrakt.
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