RazoRock Pre-shave

At this site, you will find Pre-shave Gel, Pre-shave Oil and Pre-shave Soap from Italian RazoRock.

A Pre-shave is essential if you want a smooth and close shave without irritation. The pre-shave prepares your skin for your wet shave. It puts a protective membrane on your skin and lifts your stubble to avoid face tears or red bumps on your face.

The procedure is the same whether you choose a gel, oil, or soap texture. Simply apply the pre-shave to your face and let it sit for a minute before applying your shaving cream, shaving soap, or shaving foam. After that, you are ready to use your scraper.
RazoRock Essential Oil of Lime Shave Oil, 30 ml.
Can be used as both Preshave oil and Shaving oil.
RazoRock Preshave Gel, 60 ml.
Protects your skin in an optimal way.
RazoRock Professional Shave Lube, Lime, 120 ml.
Preshave, Shaving Product and Cleaner in one.