RazoRock Don Donato

At this site, we are showing the exquisite products in the Don Donato series. Behind the series is Italian RazoRock that is recognized for manufacturing products for a traditional wet shave.

The face on the product's label is a real person. His name is Donato Ciniello. Donato is an expert in bringing new life to antique and classic razors. RazoRock finds his passion for traditional wet shaving to be very inspiring and has made these products with him in mind.

The scent carries a touch of absinthe and a hint of cedar. It gives a deep sense of warm herbs, which makes it very masculine. The combination creates tranquility and ensures that you stay happy during - and after - shaving.

In the series, you will find Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash.
RazoRock Don Donato Shaving Soap, 150 ml.
Scent of cedar wood and absinthe. Soft texture.
Set with Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash.
Before EUR 42.60