RazoRock Al Sapone

At this site, we are showing the products in the Al Sapone series from Italian RazoRock.

Sapone is Italian and means soap. However, that is not the only reference behind the name of the series. RazoRock has been inspired by the notorious Italian-American gangster, Al Capone. The intention of the series is not to promote the mafia or gangster lifestyle. Rather, the connection is that Al Sapone is a scent that brings you back to 1920s Chicago, where men were men, dressed as men, and scented as men.

The products have a strong and rich scent. It consists of soft notes of citrus as well as a distinctive base of leather and wood. It is a bit like smelling a pair of handmade, Italian leather gloves.

In the series, you will find Shaving soap and Aftershave Splash.
RazoRock Al Sapone Shaving Soap, 125 ml.
A powerful and rich scent. With lanolin. Soft texture.
RazoRock Al Sapone Aftershave Splash, 100 ml.
Powerful and rich scent. With notes of citrus and wood.
Set with Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash.
Before EUR 42.60