Problem: Oily Skin

Here on the site we have collected the products that fight shiny and oily skin.

People with oily skin also tend to have rough skin with pimples and large, fairly visible pores. Oily skin most often appears on the face and scalp. The oily skin occurs when the skin's sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. This skin type requires special precautions when cleaning and nourishing products.

The most important thing you can do for your skin is to avoid products that aggravate the problem. These are mainly fatty creams, oils, solid cleaning products and the like. Instead, go for products in light textures like serum, gel or light lotions.

Make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly 1-2 times a day. If you wash your face more often than this, you dry out your skin and simply make it produce even more oil. Cleanse your skin with a mild, bactericidal face wash and warm water. Use a skintonic with alcohol to get rid of the last fat on the skin. Remember that you still need a moisturizer even if your skin is oily. Use a water-based one of a kind that does not contain oil.
Murad Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel, Blemish Control, 47 ml.
Oil-free, water-light hydrator purifies and refines.
Before EUR 46.70
Murad Clarifying Cream Cleanser, Blemish Control, 200 ml.
A rich, creamy cleanser. Treats and prevents impurities.
Before EUR 43.67
RAZspa Cleansing Mask, 200 gr.
Effective and gentle cleansing mask / face cleanser.
RAZspa MdH Serum, 30 ml.
Matte, inhibits inflammation and reduces sebum production.
Payot Pâte Grise Mattifying Carbon Mask, 50 ml.
Mattifying face mask. Absorbs excess oil and cleanses.
Payot Pâte Grise Two-phase Skintonic, 200 ml.
Skin tonic for oily/acidic skin. Mattifies, refreshes and is antibacterial.
Payot Pâte Grise Foaming Gel Cleanser, 200 ml.
Facial cleanser with foaming gel consistency. For combination/oily skin.
Payot Pâte Grise Clear Skin Serum, 30 ml.
Say goodbye to pesky blemishes with this ultra-light serum.
Payot Pâte Grise Matifying Gel Day Cream, 50 ml.
Mattifying day cream for combination and oily skin. With a light gel texture.
Payot Pâte Grise Purifying Night Cream, 50 ml.
Night cream for combination/oily skin. Non-greasy, but 'melts' into the skin.
Payot Pâte Grise Original, 15 ml.
Relief against impurities. Minimizes blemishes and makes them disappear.
Anthony Deep-Pore Cleansing Clay, 90 ml.
An amazing depth-cleansing face mask. Without parfume.
Anthony Deep-Pore Cleansing Clay, Sample, 15 ml.
An amazing depth-cleansing face mask. Without parfume.
Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control, 90 ml.
Adds moisture and prevents shiny skin.
Baxter Of California Herbal Mint Toner, 236 ml
No more shiny and oily skin! Non-alcoholic toner for men.
men-ü D-TOX 'Deep Clean' Clay Mask, 15 ml., Travel Size
Deep cleansing face mask. Prevents and minimizes impurities.
Before EUR 6.00
men-ü Matt Moisturizer, 100 ml.
Oil-free and fragrance-free face cream. Gives a nice, matte skin.
men-ü Matt Moisturizer, 15 ml., Travel Size
Oil-free and fragrance-free face cream. Gives a nice, matte skin.
Before EUR 5.40
men-ü Matt Pack, 3 x 15 ml.
Set with Face gel, Face mask and Face cream.
men-ü Matt Refresh & Moisturise Set, 3 x 15 ml.
Set with Face wash, Face gel and Face cream.
men-ü Matt 'Skin Refresh' Gel, 100 ml.
Moisturising gel which reduces impurities and makes the skin matt.
men-ü Matt 'Skin Refresh' Gel, 15 ml., Travel Size
Matting gel that reduces impurities.
Before EUR 5.40