Neville Shaving Gear

At this site, you will find the exclusive shaving gear from Neville.

You will find everything you need to create a barber salon in your bathroom: Scraper, Shaving Brush, Stand, and Bowl.

Neville's multi-blade scraper fits your Gillette Mach3 razor blades. The scraper is nice and stylish and perfect for any gentleman who appreciates quality.

With a shaving brush and a shaving bowl, you can turn your favorite shaving cream or shaving soap into a luxurious, creamy foam. It is a pleasure to apply the shaving foam with a proper shaving brush. The bristles exfoliate the skin while lifting the stubble so that the shaving cream can get under the small hairs. This ensures that the shaving cream can penetrate and soften both the beard and the skin. This also ensures that your scraper gets hold of even the smallest hairs so you get a smooth and close shave every time. This Neville edition is made in Pure Badger, which is the most common type of brush with a slightly harder bristle.

You will also find an exquisite shaving set from the company - so you can achieve a perfect shave with a complete set. The products in the set are carefully selected so you get everything you need for a close and comfortable shave.
Neville Shaving Set with Shaving Brush and Stand
Brush in Pure Badger. Handle of green Resin.