Mühle Safety Razor, Purist, White Resin

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Join in the fashion and replace your old Gillette scraper with a new DE scraper - you'll save a small fortune on razor blades in the future.

This scraper in the "Purist" series is made of White Art Resin, which is a material that is shiny and extremely durable. In the work process it has required a solid workmanship.

Like anything new, using a DE scraper requires a little getting used to. However, following these instructions may not go completely wrong:
- Moisten the skin thoroughly with warm water.
- Rub a little Pre-shave into the skin.
- Make a delicious foamy shaving cream in your shaving bowl and foam it up with the shaving brush.
- Thoroughly massage the shaving cream into the skin with the diet to lift the stumps. The more you foam your beard, the easier your scraper will slide.
- It is recommended that you keep your DE scraper at a blunt angle (about 30 °) to the skin.
- Start with cheeks and allow the scraper to slide lightly over the skin. Always remember to shave your beard.

The (Double Edge) scraper fits the classic razor blades.

Note: Of course, you can buy a matching shaving brush - so you get a complete set for your bathroom.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item no.:
R 57 SR