Mühle Travel Brush, Silvertip Fibre®, 21 mm, Matte Black

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Let your regular razor brush stay at home when you travel - and take this smart travel brush with you instead.

It is made in Silvertip Fiber®, dries very quickly and is extremely durable. You get a soft and extremely durable shaving brush that makes shaving a pleasure. The fibers are easy to clean and furthermore, you do not need to use near as much shaving cream or shaving soap to make a creamy foam.

The travel brush is made with a nice matt black handle.

There is ventilation to the brush head so it is protected as best as possible in the closed case during travel.

Remember to see Proshave's guide on how to store your barberry on the go.
Knot size:
21 mm.
Brush type:
Silvertip Fibre®
Item no.:
31 M 536