Mondial Shaving Cream on Tube, Orange & Spice, 75 ml.

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Please note:
Reduced by 50%, as some of the water in the shaving cream has evaporated. This means that the cream can be a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube. Therefore, do this carefully. It does not affect the performance of the shaving cream

The intense aroma of neroli combined with a blend of spices - you get a wonderful experience with this shaving cream.

The shaving cream is made according to an old Mondial recipe with intense scents.

You only need a small amount of shaving cream to make a delicious and creamy foam that prepares your skin for a subsequent ultimate shave.

Can be used with or without a razor. We recommend using a razor so that the cream comes in under all those little beards. This ensures a tight and smooth shave.

It is made from natural ingredients.

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75 ml.
Mandarin & Spice
Use for:
All skin types
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