Golden Beards Shaving

Golden Beards is a Danish company that manufactures fantastic products for men. It all started with beard care products, but now the company has expanded its assortment to include products for a perfect shave.

Of course, the products for your shave are made from natural ingredients and are vegan. Golden Beards' assortment is handmade with love. All the products are created individually, the label is applied by hand, and the product is wrapped. The products are made in small batches, so you are always guaranteed a very fresh product.

The assortment of shaving products includes shaving soap, shaving cream, scraper, and shaving brush.
Golden Beards Shaving Cream, 100 ml.
Handmade shaving cream. Made from natural and effective ingredients.
Golden Beards Shaving Soap, 60 ml.
Shaving soap with scent of honey. Made from natural ingredients.
Brush with vegan fiber. Handle of Beech Wood with golden details.
Before EUR 32.20
With razor, shaving brush, shaving soap and shaving cream.
Before EUR 75.10