Floris The Fragrance Journals

At this site, we are unveiling Floris' most awaited launch in 2016: The Fragrance Journals. The series is a collection of three unique fragrances that captured the heart and soul of London throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Each Eau de Parfum represents a decade and an area of London. They capture a crucial moment, the district, and the prevailing culture, giving a true perspective on the city. The three exclusive scents are:

1962 in Carnaby Street (Soho)
1976 in Kings Road (Chelsea)
1988 in Berkeley Square (Mayfair)

The scents come in 100 ml. sizes and, naturally, in the finest packaging that reflects the indicated times. The designer is Darren Hopes, an internationally renowned photo illustrator.
A woody scent with a fantastic, fresh twist.
Before EUR 197.70