Floris Lily of the Valley, Eau de Toilette, 50 ml.

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A fresh classic floral scent with a modern and delicious twist.

The scent starts with a delicate and persistent scent of leaf-green top notes mixed with lemon, to add a twist to the dominant lily cones. Notes of jasmine, rose and tuberose with musk and powdery notes give the scent depth and a soft and subtle sweetness.

Comes in nice and exclusive glass vial. Beautiful and delicious to have standing in front of a bathroom.

Floris Family Anecdotes:
Lily of the Valley, which means lily of the valley, is one of the earlier scents created by Juan Floris in the 18th century - and it is still a favorite among women worldwide. Although this scent is a traditional single flower fragrance, there are over 250 perfumed oils used to create it.
50 ml.
Top notes:
Grøn, Citron
Heart notes:
Jasmin, Liljekonval, Rose, Tuberose
Base notes:
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