Cella is synonymous with authentic, Italian quality and many years of experience. It all began in 1899 in the heart of Milan, with professional barbers and perfume manufacturers teaming up to combine experience and passion. Together, they created Cella's luxurious line of handmade products for men.

The motto is simple: Extra Extra Shave. Extra Extra Beard Care! The products ensure an experience beyond the ordinary and a complete wellness ritual. This gives you a moment of joy and well-being each morning during your shaving and following care. Daily luxury at affordable prices!

Shaving enthusiasts around the world are especially fond of the red-bowl shaving cream that has a great smell of almonds. But both Pre-Shave, Barber soap, Barber gel and Aftershave in Balm and Lotion get really good reviews. Cella has recently launched 3 beard care products: Beard Oil, Gel, and Shampoo to ensure that you have a nice and well-groomed beard.
Brilliant product! Disinfect the beard without using water.
Before EUR 13.30