Brooklyn Soap Company

The Brooklyn Soap Company is inspired by the vibrant life in New York. Their mission is to turn ordinary guys into real gentlemen. Brooklyn Soap Company has developed an assortment of products specifically for men, and the products are all made from the very best ingredients.

Brooklyn Soap Company offers a full line of grooming products for men. All the products are of excellent quality and based on organic ingredients without chemical "bullshit," as they call it. This means that they do not contain harmful additives, but they are made from natural and vegan ingredients such as pure essential oils.

The series is perfect for the modern man who is environmentally conscious and appreciates high-powered masculine products. In the series, you will find products for the care of beard, face, body, and hair as well as products for a perfect shave.

Brooklyn Soap Company Shaving Oil, 50 ml.
Effective shaving oil for a close and perfect shave.
Before EUR 22.70
Brooklyn Soap Company Aftershave Balm, 75 ml.
Nourishes and protects the skin after shaving.
Before EUR 22.70
Brooklyn Soap Company Daily Moisturizer, 75 ml.
Moisturizer for all skin types.
Before EUR 18.60
Brooklyn Soap Company Natural Soap, 3in1, 200 ml.
Very gentle soap for face, body and hair.
Before EUR 18.60
Brooklyn Soap Company Grooming Clay, 90 gr.
Gives light hold and a natural finish.
Before EUR 33.40
Brooklyn Soap Company Classic Pomade, 90 gr.
Gives medium hold and high shine.
Before EUR 33.40